Siti Hasmah On Her Relationship With Tun M And How Shy He Gets With PDA

The 92-year-old said that she feels "uneasy" when her marriage is referred to as "couple goals."

Cover image via Channel NewsAsia/Youtube & Astro Gempak/Youtube

According to Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, her husband Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a "very shy person" by nature

While speaking to Channel NewsAsia, Malaysia's first lady touched on the on camera kiss from an interview she took part in with her husband on 10 July, conducted by 10-year-old Kashika Selvam

"Never would Mahathir do that in public. Never!" she teased.

To prove just how uncomfortable Mahathir is with public displays of affection, the 92-year-old recalled one night when he was afraid a toll booth operator would see the pair holding hands in their car

According to Siti Hasmah, he immediately pulled his hand back when they approached the toll.

"A toll! The person must have been too high up to see us holding hands!" she said.

She added that, "In any occasion, I'm never beside him because he walks so fast. I need someone to hold my hand, and I like to hold my husband's hand! But he'll be 50 meters away from me."

When asked what she thought about her marriage being referred to as "couple goals" by netizens, Siti Hasmah said that it makes her feel "uneasy"

"Our family life, our married life together, is the same as others," she said.

"There are happy moments, there are sad moments, we fight, then we make up. We go for holidays together. That's part of life," she added, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Watch the interview with Siti Hasmah here:

Thanks to this 10-year-old interviewer, Siti Hasmah was able to corner Mahathir into a sweet kiss on camera:

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Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly listed Siti Hasmah's age at 88. The mistake has been edited to reflect her correct age.

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