Social Media Outrage Over Man Who Shot Two Arrows At Dog

A man shot two arrows at a partially blind 12-year-old Rottweiler because the dog would not leave his front gate.

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Rottweiler That Was Shot With Arrows Passes Away #RIPBrianna

We received some very heart breaking news just now. Brianna is no more. She succumbed to her severe tick fever and we are truly shattered upon hearing the news. The vet tried everything possible - she was just too weak and too traumatized.

This was a very very sick dog - and Brianna's condition was further aggravated by the trauma of being shot at. At least her last days were filled with warmth and kindness.
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A Man Had Allegedly Shot Two Arrows At A Rottweiler In Seri Kembangan On The Night Of 13 May 2014

PETALING JAYA: A man allegedly shot two arrows at a dog after it stood outside his gate and refused to leave on Tuesday night.

Photo Shows The Dog With Two Arrows Lodged In Its Body, One In The Front Leg And Another In The Back

The dog, wearing a collar, with two arrows lodged in its body.

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The man had shot and wounded the dog, which had stood at his gate and refused to move and one arrow lodged hit the front leg whilst another hit the back.

According To Allan Chong, A Resident Who Witnessed The Incident, The Dog Was Wearing A Collar And Was Likely Looking For Its Way Back Home

He said the incident happened between 8.30 to 9.00pm, as he arrived home after an outing. Chong added he had not seen the dog in the area before and believed it was a lost dog trying to find its way home.

“I Saw The Man Holding The Bow And Arrows And Approaching The Dog To Shoot It Again.”

The two arrows that was used to shoot the dog.

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“By the time I got to the dog, my neighbour had already shot two arrows at it,” Allan Chong was quoted as saying. “I saw the man holding the bow and arrows and approaching the dog to shoot it again,” he added.

Chong said he managed to move the dog away from his neighbour’s gate before the man could shoot it again.

Chong was later advised by the police to lodge a report on the incident.

According To Reports, The Man Had Shot The Arrows Because The Dog Refused To Move Away From His Front Gate

It was reported that the man had shot two arrows at the dog after it stood outside his gate and refused to leave.

Animal Lovers Rushed The Dog To A Nearby Veterinary Clinic And Then Handed The Dog Over To Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB)

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was driving home from work when he saw the dog in front of the house, and the shooter standing nearby, bow and arrows in hand. “I came out my car immediately and told the man to stop shooting the dog. “After moving the dog to a safer place, I fed the dog and removed the arrows from its body,” he said.

Animal lovers rushed the dog to a veterinary clinic where it received first aid before handing over the Rottweiler to canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB).

When MDDB Asked Facebook Users For Urgent Help With The Dog's Medical Bill, Malaysians Immediately Showed Their Kindness By Offering To Help With MDDB's Animal Medical Centre Bills With No Question Asked

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The Man's Action Has Caused Outrage Amongst The Malaysian Social Media Community. Many Are Asking For The Man To Be Charged With Animal Cruelty.

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The Topic Of Islamic Teachings Was Heavily Discussed As Malaysians On Facebook Examines The Issue

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MDDB Project Manager Melinda Gomes Says The Dog Is Approximately 12-Years-Old, Is Partially Blind, And Is Very Sick

MDDB project manager Melinda Joy Gomez said the dog has been estimated to be about 12 years old and was also partially blind. “She appears to be a lost dog and must have been trying to find her way home and gone to the shooter’s house after hearing voices coming from that direction,’’ said Gomez.

She added the dog had not moved away because it could not see. “That’s also why the dog stood at the same spot as the man shot his arrows at it,’’ she added.

According to Gomez, the dog has since been admitted to a veterinary clinic and found to be anaemic and suffering from tick fever and heartworm.

“He had shot his arrows at an old, blind and very very sick dog,’’ said Gomez.

Instead Of Shooting, The Man Could Have Chased The Dog Away By Spraying Water At It

Animal activist Melinda Joy Gomez said the man should have found other ways to chase the dog away without hurting it. “He could have asked the help of neighbours who were dog owners or spray the poor animal with water instead of shooting it with arrows,” she was quoted as saying.

Malaysian Traditional Malay Archers Association (Pertama) Has Condemned The Man For Violating The Code Of Ethics In Archery

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Traditional Malay Archers Association (Pertama) has voiced its unhappiness over the man’s conduct. “He has given the sport a bad name and violated all of its code of ethics by shooting at a poor and defenceless animal,’’ said its president Muhamad Akmal Mohamad Dahlan.

Muhamad Akmal also said the man was not a member of his association. “We condemn his actions and urge the relevant authorities to initiate the necessary action against him,’’ said Muhamad Akmal.

He said the incident had tarnished the image and reputation of archery enthusiasts in the country. “The sport and art of archery denotes disciplines and is forbidden to be used to create pain and misery,’’ said Muhamad Akmal.

Police Are Now Questioning The Man Who Was Photographed Holding A Bow And Arrows

A post that was shared on Facebook demanding people to spread the news.

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The man who shot two arrows at a dog in Taman Sinaran, Taming Jaya was questioned at his house by police Wednesday evening. According to a police officer from the Kajang district police headquarters, who declined to be named, they had received instructions from the Selangor police headquarters to investigate the matter.

The officer also declined to reveal if the man was being investigated for possessing and using the bow and arrow as opposed to animal abuse. “We cannot reveal anything at the moment because the case is under investigation,’’ said the police officer.

Kajang OCPD ACP Abdul Rashid Abdul Wahab said, action was initiated after an individual lodged a police report at the Taming Jaya station yesterday regarding the incident. “We will nab him as soon as we know his whereabouts and we are investigating the case under Section 429 of the Penal Code for mischief towards animals,” he told Malay Mail.

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