Someone Found A Stray Dog Completely Dyed Green In Shah Alam

Shazreen hopes some animal shelters or NGOs come and help.

Cover image via Shazreen Othuman/Facebook

A dog whose fur was dyed green has been spotted in Subang Bestari, Shah Alam

Facebook user Shazreen Othuman posted the pictures on Sunday, 10 November, while slamming the unknown perpetrator. He speculated the dog was most likely a stray.

Shazreen revealed more about the dog in a series of comments as questions poured in

Shazreen shared that he initially thought of bringing the dog to a nearby clinic to get its fur trimmed. However, he was unable to approach the dog as it appeared to be frightened of him.

He then promised to check on the dog again the next day and gave out his personal number for others to text if they have sighted the dog.

"Thank you everyone for your love and support to this poor little fellow. Let's get together and locate and save him and get him to a better place," wrote Shazreen.

Many were outraged by the dog's appearance, while several people highlighted how the dog's fur was evenly dyed

This Facebook user was disturbed, saying, "The people who did this to the dog is evil. This is not funny! People are becoming exceedingly cruel towards cats and dogs."

Meanwhile, this user guesssed that the dog must often hang around a paint factory where people probably spray him green for fun.

Another user said that it was unlikely to be paint and that it is best not to postulate, but instead help the dog as soon as possible.

Worse yet, this user wrote that he has seen other dogs around with their fur painted as well.

Meanwhile, with the help of the Internet, Shazreen managed to pinpoint the location of the paint shop

This user shared that she sees the dog every day between 5pm and 6pm in front of a polyclinic in Subang Mah Sing. She speculated that the dog could belong to the owner of the opposite shop.

"He looks so pitiful. That day he was fine, back to white and brown. But now he's green again. Who in the world is abusing this poor dog?" she wondered.

While this user seemed to know the exact location of the paint factory the dog roams around and promised to update Shazreen.

Following which, Shazreen went back to look for the dog today, 13 November, and spotted it at a plastic dyeing workshop

He also found other coloured animals around the shop, including cats and chickens.

"Really hoping some animal shelters or NGOs to come and help," he wrote, adding that the animals were dyed full of chemicals.

Here is the full post:

Unfortunately, animal abuse still runs rampant in our country: