An Elephant Calf Was Allegedly Shot Dead And Tied To A Tree In Tawau

Sabah Wildlife Department is said to be investigating the case.

Cover image via myTawau/Facebook

Yesterday, 25 September, a Facebook page shared multiple photos and a video showing a tied-up dead elephant calf in the Sungai Udin riverbank in Dumpas, Tawau district, Sabah

According to the Facebook page myTawau, one of their followers had sent them the photos, saying that the carcass was still inside the river and had not been moved.

"We received a new inbox just a moment ago from followers of our page myTawau," the post read.

"They said their fishing companion had found an elephant carcass in the river and was in a state of shock. The incident took place at the Udin River, Dumpas. They added that the carcass was still in the river and had not been moved."

The wound on the calf's back appeared to be a gunshot injury that might have resulted in its death. According to myTawau, the sender suspects the calf was deliberately tied there to feed crocodiles.

"The reason behind the elephant's death is still inconclusive," myTawau wrote in the post that has over 1.9k Reactions.

"It could be that it was stabbed by a piece of wood or it fell into the river and drowned. If the mark on the elephant's body is found to be from a bullet, then whoever did that to it is definitely heartless."

Meanwhile, The Star Online reported Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga saying that he was alarmed by the photos and has instructed his rangers to check its authenticity

Tuuga said that they would first need to verify if the photos and information that are being circulated are authentic and if they find the carcass, the Sabah Wildlife Department will conduct an immediate investigation on its cause of death and perpetrators.

Apart from rangers, vets and a post-mortem team would also head to the area mentioned to investigate soon, Tuuga was quoted as saying by the English daily.

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