Someone Tried To Kill A Kajang Family Over Debt By Setting Their House On Fire

Luckily, the family of six managed to escape.

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On 24 February, sometime before 2am, a double-storey house in Taman Cheras Prima, Kajang, was set ablaze due to an alleged non-payment of debts. There was a family of six inside the house.

The family would have met a fiery end if not for sheer luck.

Fast asleep when the fire started, the family was alerted by the 49-year-old father, who woke up after inhaling the smoke that was coming from the living room.

According to Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yussof, after the father discovered that the living room and part of another area downstairs were on fire, the family then managed to use a window on the second floor to escape.

After escaping, the family called the fire department

While the family managed to escape unhurt, in the rush to escape from the fire, the family's youngest, Ng Min Jin, aged 13, suffered injuries on his back.

"The victim was sent to the Kajang Hospital and is being treated at the intensive care unit," according to Selangor Fire and Rescue Department Head of Operations Management and Station, Alimaddia Bukri, reported theSun daily.

While the fire was brought under control around 2.13am by a team of firemen from the Kajang and Pandan Indah Fire and Rescue Station, it had destroyed 80% of the lower part of the house

According to reports, police believes that the house was set on fire by loan sharks. ACP Ahmad Dzaffir told media that the front door of the house had been locked from the outside using a padlock.

He also said that the family's Nissan Frontier, that was parked outside, had been vandalised with red paint, according to theSundaily.

"The assailants even wrote a message on the vehicle with the red paint, demanding for debts to be paid," he was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

In other news, local media had on Friday evening reported that the family of marathon runner, Evelyn Ang Loo, who has been comatose since 10 December, has decided to take her off life support:

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