A Homeless Family Was Living In A Car For 2 Months At The Sungai Buloh R&R

The family has been struggling with financial uncertainties after one of them was laid off from work.

Cover image via Zack Rstar/Facebook

A homeless family of five has been sleeping and living in a car for two months in Selangor

This was revealed by Facebook user Zack Rstar in a post on Wednesday, 21 February.

According to Zack, he was told by his friends a day earlier about a man who introduced himself as 'Faizal'. Zack's friends were at the Sungai Buloh Rest and Service Area (R&R) to fill up petrol tank when Faizal came over to ask if he could borrow jumper cables from them.

"When my friends went to Faizal's car, they were surprised to see what was in his car that was equipped with a mosquito repellent. Clothes scattered all over with young children sleeping inside the car."

When asked what they were doing here, Faizal said that they were resting. However, Zack's friend was not satisfied with Faizal's answer and pressed further until the latter told the truth.

"He admitted that he had been homeless and was living by the highway for two months."

Not wanting to leave the family in such circumstances, Zack's friends brought them to a cheap hotel in Kota Damansara.

It was then that Zack's friends contacted him, asking him to visit the family. 

 When Zack arrived, Faizal was apologetic and stressed that he did not want to trouble anyone.

"Maybe he was afraid of me, so I immediately explained to him why I was there and he then sat with me and told me his story from the beginning to the end," Zack wrote in his post.

It was then that Zack learned more about Faizal's life story

"Faizal was born in Selangor and was supposed to get an identity card (IC), but he was born at home, and the midwife who delivered him as a baby passed away, causing him to lose his citizenship. Furthermore, his mother is an Indonesian citizen, his father is a Malaysian," Zack said.

It was said that Faizal has been hit by poverty since childhood, and he was forced to quit school when he was five. He grew up working as a labourer for many years to support himself.

Eventually, Faizal got married and recently his wife, Liza, gave birth to his fourth child aged two months now.

However, the two-month-old child was given away to another person to be cared for due to the family's financial difficulties.

According to Zack, Liza was laid off from work when her boss found out that she was pregnant

After being laid off from work, his wife started selling nasi lemak in Bukit Beruntung.

Due to the couple's unpredictable stream of income, they failed to pay off the remaining rent that amounted to RM100 and they were kicked out from their home. 

Following the incident, the family started living in the car, all while Faizal's wife began her childbirth-recovery. 

During this period of time, Faizal took up a job in Sungai Penchala to wash cars to earn RM50 a day

The young children in the family were afflicted by the family's financial woes.

"His eight-year-old son, who was supposed to go to school, did not go to school since school reopened because he could not afford it."

Zack said that he was choked with tears when he heard what Liza answered when asked what milk her children were feeding on.

"I just give my children syrup, brother. Sometimes piped water," she said. 

After hearing all these, Zack asked why the family did not approach anyone for help

"We do not want to trouble anyone, brother. Even this, we feel ashamed. I love my husband and my children. We are willing to suffer, we are sure of this test. God wants to test our faith," Liza said.

While the plight of Faizal's family was made known on social media, Zack urged the public to lend their support to this family in need. 

At the time of writing, Zack’s Facebook post has received more than 10,900 shares as netizens poured in their support for the family

Image via Facebook

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