SPM Student Bids Goodbye To Father One Last Time Before Sitting For Sejarah Paper

The school counsellor said Haikal did not have a chance to visit his father in the hospital before he passed away.

Cover image via Badariah Mohd Mohaidin (Facebook)

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A Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidate in Perak went through a difficult day of exams after having to see his father's body one last time on Wednesday morning, 24 February

According to New Straits Times, the Form Five student, Muhammad Haikal Iskandar Zamry, was seen crying in front of a hearse carrying his father's remains parked at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Simpang Beluru.

The van was to bring Haikal's father to his final resting place but stopped by the school around 10am, just before the second History paper was about to begin, for the student to pay his respects.

The school counsellor, Badariah Mohaidin, explained that the 18-year-old student did not have a chance to visit his father who passed away in Taiping Hospital the day before

"His father died [on Tuesday, 23 February] due to heart problems and diabetes after being warded for about a week at the hospital," the counsellor told New Straits Times.

She added that Haikal tried to visit his father after his papers that day but was not allowed to enter the hospital.

So, Badariah said the school allowed the family to send the body to the school for Haikal to see just before it was laid to rest at Kampung Tahan Muslim Cemetery

"He had about 15 minutes to see his father before entering the exam hall before the History paper started at 10am," she said.

The counsellor also shared a video and photos of the difficult moment on Facebook, asking the public to keep the student in prayer and to wish him strength to continue his exams.

"Haikal had to sit for several papers until the afternoon. During recess, he didn't take his meals at all and kept crying," the teacher said.

She added the teachers gave the student their support and also provided him a private space to mourn.

The video and photos have since gone viral on Facebook, with thousands of netizens pouring in to share their condolences and wish Haikal the best for the rest of the exams

"I pray this student is given extraordinary strength to get through this. I hope this child will be able to answer the SPM questions with calm and ease," said a netizen.

"My condolences," said another Facebook user, "I hope he stays strong."

Another said, "I hope he can stay strong and persevere through life's challenges. I hope his father is also among the believers. Amin."

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