Serial Dog Killer In Subang Suspected After 2 Pet Dogs Die At Home Over Alleged Poisoning

Both pet dogs died in the same neighborhood within the same week.

Cover image via China Press & SJ Echo (Facebook)

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A serial dog killer is suspected to be at large after two dogs died of alleged poisoning within the same week in the same neighborhood in Subang Jaya, Selangor

According to SJ Echo, Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Wan Azlan Wan Mamat said the police received a report from a Belgian Shepherd's owner, surnamed Wong, on 16 February, regarding the alleged poisoning of her pet dog.

In her police report, Wong said her closed-circuit television (CCTV) captured a person throwing something into her compound in SS17 at 11.32pm on 15 February.

The suspect was wearing a dark-coloured T-shirt and a face mask during the incident.

China Press reported that the item thrown into Wong's car porch was later found to be buns allegedly laced with poison.

By 12.10am, her Belgian Shepherd started vomiting. It suddenly convulsed and collapsed to the ground. Its eyes turned white and foam was coming out from its mouth. It died not long after.

Image via China Press

"The Belgian Shepherd was allegedly poisoned. We have sent the dead dog to Universiti Putra Malaysia's Veterinary Hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death," said the police

The case is currently being investigated under Section 428 of the Penal Code. Wan Azlan said the police have received the CCTV footage provided by Wong.

If convicted, the suspect can be imprisoned for up to three years and faced with a fine, or both.

"[Once] the evidence is conclusive and the suspect is in custody, we will most likely recommend to the deputy public prosecutor to charge the person under Section 30 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015," Wan Azlan added.

The provision under the Animal Welfare Act carries a heftier fine.

Image via China Press

Wong is now afraid for the safety of her family as her child once found "sweets" within the compound of her home, which she also suspects to be drugs or poison.

Meanwhile, another dog in SS17 had also succumbed to suspected poisoning

A nine-year-old female Pit Bull mix, named Oreo, vomited and coughed blood for two days before it died, according to its owner, surnamed Ong.

"On 16 February at around 7.30pm, Oreo was active as she usually was when my son fed her. But just about 15 minutes later, we found her vomiting," SJ Echo quoted him as saying.

"Right after that, Oreo lost consciousness. I immediately brought her to a veterinary clinic in SS14."

The veterinarian said Oreo showed signs of poisoning and there was very little that could be done. After an injection, Ong brought her dog home and it died two days later.

He then lodged a police report after learning about a similar incident in the neighborhood. SJ Echo reported that Wan Azlan had confirmed receiving Ong's police report.

The video of the suspect throwing the buns allegedly laced with poison into Wong's car porch can be found below:

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