This Video Made Singaporeans So Angry, Their Tourism Board Tried To Hide It

Singaporeans are not proud of this one.

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Warning: The Video You Are About To Watch Is Awfully Cringeworthy

Singaporeans Are Criticising The Singapore Tourism Board For A Promotional Video That Is Described As "So Bad It Will Go Viral"

Singaporeans Are Criticising The Singapore Tourism Board For A Promotional Video That Is Described As

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A video created for Singapore’s tourism body has attracted attention for the wrong reasons, with a local news site suggested that it will go viral because it is so bad. The three-minute promotional film for the Singapore Tourism Board, titled ‘See where the world is heading’, features a couple on a romantic tour of the city-state.

The three-minute-long video featured a couple from the Philippines travelling around the island visiting attractions such as Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands. In the clip, the woman also presented her man with a gift - a pregnancy test kit with a result indicating she was pregnant. The man, taken aback, remarked that "Singapore always had a surprise waiting for me".

Among The Backlash The Video Received Include "Bad Acting', "An Unhygienic Surprise Gift", And "This Is Not My Singapore"

Shaky camera-work, poor dubbing, illogical flow of events, an unhygienic surprise gift, as well as portraying a supposedly pregnant lady drinking champagne.

The post reads: “The people who produced this should be commended for being able to produce a three-minute video on what looks like a $0 budget. The video is cringeworthy and full of cliched dialogue, with the Singapore skyline as the only redeeming feature. They have also redefined what constitutes an awesome surprise (hint: Singapore government-approved) present.”

Twitter comments about the Singapore Tourism Board video.

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Comments about the Singapore Tourism Board video.

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Comments bout the Singapore Tourism Board video.

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Comments about the Singapore Tourism Board video.

Image via Facebook.

The Video Was Originally Posted On 26 March 2014 But Was Removed Soon After Criticisms Came Flooding In. Watch The Video Here:

The promotional video was uploaded late last month (March 2014) but after much criticism, STB took it down less than 2 weeks later. However, copies have already been made and are being widely circulated and shared online, with many netizens making fun of it.

The Decision To Delete It Made The Already Viral Video Even More Widely Shared

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The video was originally uploaded on STB’s YouTube channel, as well as the Philippines STB Facebook page. And in an attempt to quell the negative backlash online, STB took down the videos on both pages barely a few hours later. Which made the video go even more insanely viral as it pique people’s interest even more.

In Response, The Singapore Tourism Board Acknowledged Their Shortcomings And Explained That It Was Produced By The Philippines

Image via STB

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) acknowledged on Tuesday afternoon that some aspects of its video to promote Singapore as a tourist destination to the Philippines "could have been done better."

In response to media queries, STB's executive director of communications and industry marketing Mr Oliver Chong said that the video was produced by Philippine network ABS-CNB in an effort to customise content for the country's audiences. When it was first shared on STB's Facebook page for the Philippines, the video attracted more than 3,400 'likes' in the first week and garnered some 900 comments, "largely positive', added Mr Chong.

At the end of the statement, STB invited the public to share their ideas for how it can “showcase the Singapore we love to the rest of the world”. STB’s current brand agency is JWT and it uses M&C Saatchi to target the business community.

However, Singaporeans Were Not Forgiving. A Parody Of The Video Has Since Surfaced.

Parody of the Singapore Tourism Board video.

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While The Video Did Not Fair Well With The Locals, It Did Capture The Hearts Of Filipinos

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