Stray Cats At National Museum Allegedly May Be Put Down If Nobody Adopts Them

"All cats that are ready for adoption have been cleaned and neutered."

Cover image via Muzium Negara RASMI/Facebook & Malay Mail

At least 11 stray cats at the National Museum in KL are in need of forever homes

Image via Malay Mail

A museum's volunteer guide, Caroline, told Malay Mail that all of the cats that are ready to be adopted have been neutered and cleaned.

Thirteen cats have been adopted so far, but there are at least another 11 cats who need homes. According to her, there are a lot more strays that need to be rescued, however, they are still quite defensive.

Image via Malay Mail

It all began a few weeks ago when Caroline noticed Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) inspecting the premises.

She and her husband immediately rescued most of the cats and brought them home.

"But last week, so happened I was here, and suddenly, I saw DBKL trucks arriving at the museum compound," Caroline, who is a German national, revealed to Malay Mail.

"I told them that the cats were all mine. But they proceeded anyway and caught three of the strays."

She was later able to "bail" them out from DBKL.

Image via Malay Mail

According to the report, Caroline and her husband have been looking after over 60 cats at the museum.

Citing an article by Malaysiakini in 2009, she shared that DBKL's pound is "not a place for any animal" because of its horrible conditions

The article explained that TV3's '360 Degree' programme revealed hidden camera footage of a dying dog being dragged by its neck with a rope.

There were also claims that dogs' necks were fractured, and cats were "drowned or clobbered to death" at the pound.

Caroline's plea has since spread like wildfire on social media. One Twitter post went viral alleging that the cats are at the risk of being euthanised if not adopted.

After negotiating with authorities for more time, Caroline is currently looking for adopters for these cats

For any inquiries, you can contact Caroline at 017-6303658 or Normimi 018-2356321, Malay Mail reported.

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