Chinese-Speaking Malay Patient Helps Elderly Woman Who Struggles In BM To Talk To Nurses

TikTok users praised a patient for helping an elderly Chinese woman, who struggles to speak Bahasa Melayu, communicate with nurses.

Cover image via @purplegularose (TikTok)

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A viral video shared by a woman on TikTok garnered praise and warmed the hearts of netizens

The short video, shared on TikTok on 29 May, shares how a Malay woman helped an elderly Chinese woman at a hospital.

The video explained that nurses at the hospital struggled to understand the request of an elderly Chinese woman due to her poor Bahasa Melayu.

"The auntie then came to my bed and I communicated in Mandarin with her," said TikTok user @purplegularose.

Based on the video's caption, nurses warned the Chinese woman against doing so in order to not disturb the Malay woman as she was suffering from a stroke. However, she clarified that she was okay and agreed to help.

Image via @purplegularose

The auntie wanted to borrow a phone to call her children, and she was able to do so thanks to the Malay woman

@purplegularose wrote that the auntie held out her hand and expressed gratitude multiple times. Even the auntie's child thanked the woman over the phone.

"Helping others in life is a responsibility," said TikTok user @purplegularose.

The comments section of the TikTok has since been flooded with words of praise and hopes of a steady recovery for the stroke patient.

In a follow-up video, @purplegularose said that the auntie left the hospital with a heavy heart because she had to leave her

The auntie then told the woman to call her after she is discharged as she wants to recommend an acupuncture place. The elderly woman gave @purplegularose some money and then held her hands for long while before leaving.

The TikTok user also expressed gratitude for all the support, praise, and well wishes she received over her viral video. She also advised her viewers to live life for the happiness of yourself and others.

Watch the TikTok here:


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