Student Who 'Ponteng Sekolah' At A Mall In Gombak Asked Gangsters To Beat Up A Shopkeeper

They used a chair to assault the shopkeeper until he was unconscious.

Cover image via Facebook via Muhammad Syafiq

A teenage student who was supposed to be at school, was caught at a shopping mall instead yesterday, 26 April

One of the shopkeepers in the shopping mall had apparently reprimanded the teen, dressed in a red sports uniform, for skipping school.

According to media reports, the incident happened at a shopping complex in Gombak, Selangor.

It was reported that the shopkeeper was playing a part in helping an anti-truancy operation at the mall.

In a shocking turn of events, the shopkeeper ended up getting assaulted by two men, believed to be gangsters following his encounter with the boy

The disgruntled teen managed to escape after he was caught playing truant.

However, he later called up two men and asked them to beat up the shopkeeper.

Media reports said that the shopkeeper was unconscious and injured after he was assaulted by the two men who bashed him using a chair.

The incident has been widely shared on social media since yesterday

Photos of the two men in handcuffs, surrounded by a few policemen, went viral.

The Star reported that the men pleaded not guilty to a charge of causing grievous hurt on the shopkeeper at the Sessions Court today, 27 April.

Meanwhile, many netizens said that action should be taken against the student as well. They also expressed their concern over students and their involvement in violent crime and gangsterism, saying that parents need to play a more serious role in nurturing and educating their children.

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