Malaysian Style Critic Slammed For Saying People Over 60KG Should Not Attend Fashion Shows

Netizens have called out Zaihani Mohd Zain for commenting that guests weighing more than 60kg make her feel "awkward and uncomfortable".

Cover image via Oh Bulan

Fashion critic Zaihani Mohd Zain stirred controversy in a Facebook post she made yesterday, 17 April, stating that people over 60kg should avoid attending fashion shows as their "thighs spilling over onto the chairs" make it "awkward and uncomfortable" for others

Image via Malay Mail
Image via Malay Mail

Though her Facebook post has since been deleted, a screenshot of it has been circulated online.

The stylist to many Malaysian stars is not only a popular fashion critic, but also one of the most sought-after image consultants in Malaysia, according to Malay Mail.

Known as Kak Zai in the local fashion scene, she has since been called out for her "body shaming" statement by designers and models from the fashion industry

Netizens also took to social media to defend the right of the plus-sized community to attend fashion shows

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Several people, including comedian Harith Iskander, brought Zaihani's age into the discussion, joking that it may be inappropriate for someone over the age of 60 to attend fashion shows as well.

Zaihani has made headlines for her controversial thoughts on weight before. In a 2016 interview for Tatler magazine, the style critic advised readers, "Watch your weight. People may say size doesn't matter but who are we kidding? It does!"

Image via Malaysia Tatler

She told the magazine that, "If you love fashion and enjoy dressing up, then there are sacrifices to be made."

"Why do you think the big fashion houses do not cater to plus sized women?" she added.

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For tips on how to react when being body shamed, watch the video here:

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