'Sugu Pavithra' Makes Comeback After Saying They Will No Longer Post Anything On YouTube

Sugu does not make an appearance in the couple's latest video while Pavithra walks viewers through the preparation of mutton dalca.

Cover image via Sugu Pavithra/YouTube

YouTube duo 'Sugu Pavithra' have recently uploaded a new video on their channel

On Tuesday, 28 July, the couple ended their online hiatus with a mutton dalca recipe video after rumours of a comeback. According to New Straits Times, they garnered over 100,000 views in just three hours.

Sugu does not make an appearance in the six-minute clip while Pavithra walks viewers through the preparation of the Indian lentil-based dish.

In a report by Bernama, the married couple said that they have resumed uploading videos and will try to post daily for the viewing pleasure of their subscribers.

Previously, Sugu said that they did not want to have anything to do with the video platform anymore

In an interview with Harian Metro, he said that he and his wife would like to focus on their family and they want to live life as regular people.

"There are many other cooking YouTubers who are better than us, we just want to pay attention to our family," he said.

"We no longer want to be involved in anything that could garner the public's attention."

Over the weekend, the popular channel with almost 800,000 subscribers, appeared to have deleted all its videos

Until Saturday, 25 July, the channel had a total of 98 videos of cooking demonstrations and glimpses into the life of the soft-spoken Pavithra.

However, on Sunday, 26 July, fans found that all the videos were removed.

Sugu, who pleaded not guilty at the Ipoh Sessions Court on the charge of carrying an offensive weapon and causing injury to his wife, told Bernama, "I was the one who deleted all the videos after what happened."

Today, a check by SAYS showed that the deleted videos are still missing from the channel.

Watch the couple's latest video here:

Last week, the Ipoh Magistrate's Court granted a three-day remand order against M Sugu:

He reportedly became aggressive because Pavithra had not mentioned his name when receiving the Ipoh City Icon award:

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