[VIRAL] What Is The Sultan Of Brunei Doing In The Middle Of The Road?

The Sultan of Brunei, known for being the richest sultan in the world, stepped out of his car to help direct traffic when his escorts were involved in an accident.

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On Sunday, The Sultan Of Brunei Was Travelling On The Muara-Tutong Highway Escorted By Two Royal Police

Both escorts stopped the cars on the highway to allow a royal car to pass, police said.

They were travelling along the Muara-Tutong Highway on Sunday.

Suddenly, A Car Shot Past The Two Cars That Stopped And Hit The Escorts!

Two drivers were said to have stopped their cars when another car suddenly shot between the two cars, nipped one of the vehicle on the left side and hit the two escort riders.

The female driver was believed to ram into the first escort, while the car she nipped hit the second escort, causing him minor injuries.

One officer suffered fractures on his left shoulder and arm, while another was in shock after they were hit by a female driver.

The female driver was believed to be driving beyond the speed limit, failed to stop her car and rammed into the two escorts in the middle of the highway.

One of the injured royal escorts.

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And Then... This Happened

Sultan of Brunei now helps to direct traffic.

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The world's richest man Sultan of Brunei gets down from his car after his police escort meets with an accident and starts directing traffic to avoid a traffic-jam.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Is Said To Be A Monarch Who Takes Care Of His People Wholeheartedly

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, a sovereign who is highly concerned about his subjects, has shown innumerable examples of good governance.

For Bruneians, he is their ‘Car­ing King’ and the source of all good things, spiritual as well as material.

The most precious thing is that, although the Sultan is not under the pressure of any political competition, he willingly and wholeheartedly takes care of his subjects in every aspect.
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