Survey Shows KL Was The 6th Most Visited City In The World In 2018

Kuala Lumpur ranked higher than New York, Tokyo, and Seoul.

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According to an annual global survey, Kuala Lumpur was the sixth most visited city in the world last year

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The survey was conducted by Mastercard's annual Global Destination Cities Index, which ranks 200 cities around the world according to its proprietary analysis of publicly available spending data and visitor numbers.

The results revealed that 13.79 million visitors travelled to Kuala Lumpur in 2018.

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Topping the list for the fourth consecutive year was Bangkok with 22 million visitors in 2018

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London followed with 19.83 million visitors, while Paris came in third with 17.44 million visitors, and Dubai landed the fourth spot with 15.79 visitors.

Singapore beat Kuala Lumpur by one spot, by ranking fifth with 14.67 million visitors.

According to the index, Kuala Lumpur ranked higher than cities like New York, Tokyo, and Seoul

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The survey revealed that the top 10 most visited cities had more international overnight visitors than in 2017, except for London which saw a 4% drop.

Mastercard's annual Global Destination Index also ranked cities according to nights spent in on average.

Kuala Lumpur took the fifth spot with 5.7 nights.

Antalya came first with 14 nights, followed by New York with 7.9 nights, while London and Istanbul tied for the third spot with 5.8 nights.

Meanwhile, a 2019 global survey revealed that Malaysia is the 80th happiest country in the world:

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