Rawang Taxi Driver Tricked By A Female Passenger Who Walked Away Without Paying The Fare

She told him that she's going to get the money from her friend's flat.

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A 58-year-old taxi driver in Rawang was allegedly cheated by a female passenger who walked away without paying the fare

The incident happened on 31 July, when the woman asked the elderly driver to wait while she went to get his fare of RM20.75 from her friend's flat in Taman Serendah Makmur, according to a now-viral tweet posted by the man's daughter.

In her tweet, the taxi driver's daughter Hani Hamdan wrote that the woman said she dropped her wallet and so needed to get money from her friend. However, the woman never came back. Hani attached a photo of the woman that her father took.

The elderly driver had picked up the passenger at a gas station

"I saw her waving her arms around at a gas station. She said she wanted to go to the Lower Garden park. So I agreed and took her to the requested destination.

"On the way, she told me to go to her friend's place in Taman Serendah Makmur," the taxi driver, identified as Hamdan Talib, was quoted as saying by mStar yesterday, 3 August.

"I nodded and remained silent. When we arrived at the destination, she said her wallet was lost at the gas station. She told me she would go see her friend and pick up the fare.

"She told me to wait, saying 'if you don't believe me, you can follow me.' I decided to wait in the car as I could not walk very much because of my knee pain," he added.

It was 9.30 in the morning when the woman walked away without paying the fare and the elderly driver waited till 1.30pm for her

According to Hamdan, he had forgotten to turn off the meter after reaching the destination.

"It was reading RM20.75 and I waited until the meter reached RM104. Imagine how long I had to wait for it! From then until 1.30pm," mStar quoted him as saying.

Image via hnihmdn/twitter

He revealed that it's not the first time he had been cheated

This is the third time I've been tricked by a passenger not paying the fare. Previously, it was a man and now this time it's a woman.
Hamdan Talib.

"I feel disappointed to be played over again for needing money for medical purposes, besides supporting my family," he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

The elderly man said that he has worked as a taxi driver for the past two years.

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