Perak Teen Who Shot A Monkey For Not Saying "Baby Sayang" Says He Did It For Fun

The 18-year-old asked the monkey to repeat the phrase "Baby sayang".

Cover image via Twitter

A young man who recorded himself shooting a caged monkey has been arrested in Sitiawan, Perak

A tweet of the 19-second video has garnered over 19,000 retweets since it was posted on 18 May.

Image via Twitter

The 18-year-old can be heard taunting the caged monkey and asking it to repeat the words "Baby sayang", a phrase made popular by local actress Mira Filzah

When the frightened monkey did not respond, he counted to three, and then shot the animal in the head with a Glock sidearm.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Afterwards, he tossed the cage and the monkey's carcass into a river in Bota.

After the video went viral, animal rights groups put forward a RM2,000 (USD500) reward for leads that would reveal the suspect

"Whatever the excuse may be to justify the shooting of the animal, this is animal cruelty and heartless. Worst of all, how could the person even record the act on video for public consumption? This should not have happened," the president of the Malaysia Animal Association was quoted as saying by Coconuts KL.

Water, Land, and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jayakumar also called for an investigation on Twitter.

Image via Malay Mail

On 22 May, the boy along with his father were arrested at 9pm.

When asked about his motive, the 18-year-old admitted that he killed the monkey "just for fun".

"The teenager admitted that he took his father's gun while he was sleeping in the banana orchard’s shed on the day of the incident," Perak police chief Datuk Razarudin Husain Razarudin said in a press conference on 23 May.

Police seized a black Glock .42 automatic pistol, a gun holster, 12 bullets and the father's firearm permit from their home in Taman Kenangan.

"We advise licensed firearm owners to be more careful with their weapon and to keep it in a safe place not accessible by their children," he said, according to Malay Mail.

The pair will be remanded until 26 May for further investigations under Section 39 of the Firearms Act 1960 and Section 428 of the Penal Code.

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