This Singaporean Has Caught 'Em All In Pokémon GO But People Are Saying He's A Cheat

The 39-year-old has caught all 145 Pokémon in 10 days.

Cover image via SAYS / Terence Ho

After the release of the hit augmented reality game in Southeast Asia, one Singaporean claims to have caught every single Pokémon available within 10 days of playing it

Terence Ho, the first person in South East Asia to catch 'em all.

Image via Terence Ho

Terence Ho, a 35-year-old app developer from Singapore has caught all 145 Pokemon on the app within 10 days. Other trainers who've achieved this feat are Nick Johnson from the US and Ahmed Ali from the UK.

His route to success was cited to be $150 (RM605) worth of in-app purchases, and playing the game till 1am after work.

But some trainers are not happy at the way Ho did it.

You see, there are four rare Pokémon that are specific to a continent and to catch them, trainers will to either travel to that country or be extremely lucky and get them hatched from eggs.

Image via Techno Buffalo

The Pokémon are Tauros (North America), Mr. Mime (Europe), Kangaskhan (Australia) and Farfetch’d (Asia).

While Johnson and Ali took trips around the world to catch the elusive creatures, Ho asked his friends overseas to catch them for him by logging into his account, which he insisted isn't cheating at all

For example, a friend in Sydney helped him with Kangaskhan, which is found only in Australia and New Zealand.

But he insisted that this is a 'grey area' and he didn't cheat.

"Trainers use all ways and means to get an edge in the game and this was one "creative" way of solving a problem. I got the idea when I saw a woman borrow her boyfriend's phone to play the game when her phone ran out of power.

"I just wanted to complete it, and have closure, then move on to do other things. I won't spend thousands of dollars on a game," he told The Straits Times.

Nonetheless, that hasn't stop fellow trainers from calling him out on social media. Some even said that he used GPS spoofing to catch the rare Pokémon.

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Do you think Ho should be banned from the game because he asked his friends for help? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Niantic has taken a strong stance on cheating in the game. Don't push your luck, fellow trainers!

Have you seen China's version of Pokémon GO? It's, erm, disturbing to say the least...

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