Terengganu Man Rescues Mama Cat & Her Kittens Who Were Tied Up In A Sack & Abandoned

The man realised there were cries coming out from a sack while he was taking out his rubbish on Tuesday night, 4 May.

Cover image via Mohd Yani (Facebook)

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A Terengganu man rescued a mother cat and her kittens who were left for dead in a tied up sack in Kijal, Terengganu on Tuesday, 4 May

Netizen Mohd Yani shared a post along with photos of the abandoned felines on a Kijal community Facebook group on Tuesday night, reported Malay Mail.

Mohd Yani said he stumbled upon the felines when he heard their cries from inside a sack while taking out his rubbish.

He related that the garbage disposal area was located close to a kindergarten in Kampung Tengah, Kijal.

In the post, he lamented that he was upset at the cruelty of the person who had the heart to abandon the cat and her kittens like that.

"Even if you don't like cats, don't throw them out into the rubbish. You've already dumped them in the trash, and you want to tie them up in a sack too," Mohd Yani wrote in the Facebook post.

The sack which the cat and kittens were found in.

Image via Mohd Yani (Facebook)

"Pity these creatures," Mohd Yani pleaded

He said that he was unsure of how long the cat and her kittens had been left in the sack before he found them.

The photos he shared show that the mother cat and four kittens look drenched. It appears that the felines were left out during a heavy downpour.

"I brought them home but the kittens looked lifeless. Their mother had just given birth to them," Mohd Yani recounted.

He alleged that the person who had committed the cruel act had deliberately tried to cover their tracks by tying up the sack.

Mohd Yani added that, "Every action has its consequences. Cats are God's creations too. They want to live just like us."

"Today you throw out these cats, but tomorrow your own children could abandon you as well," he warned.

The mother cat and her kittens after they were rescued.

Image via Mohd Yani (Facebook)

Mohd Yani posted an update on the kittens in the comment section of his original post

He shared a photo of the kittens looking healthier the next day, 5 May.

Mohd Yani noted that the kittens were doing better, but their mother was still afraid of humans after the traumatic incident the day before. 

Two of the four kittens who were saved along with their mother the next day, 5 May.

Image via Mohd Yani (Facebook)

The story has garnered the attention of netizens, with most of them feeling sad and frustrated by the act of animal cruelty

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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