Terengganu Reportedly Plans To Ban Women From Performing At Events With Male Audience

The Terengganu exco of tourism, culture, and information technology says that it is just a temporary guideline.

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Terengganu reportedly plans to enforce an entertainment guideline that will bar women performers from singing and dancing in front of a male audience

According to Malaysiakini, the policy that will prohibit women from performing in front of a male audience is part of an 11-point event organisation guideline that was first announced in October 2018.

The guidelines were allegedly set to be implemented in January but it was postponed instead.

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However, a Terengganu exco said that they are only temporary guidelines

When asked if the original 11-point guideline will be implemented soon, the exco in charge of tourism, culture, and information technology Ariffin Deraman said to Free Malaysia Today, "Wait for the new guidelines to be announced, then you can comment on it."

He explained that the new set of guidelines will be published by March.

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The Shariah, Education, and Higher Learning Committee head insisted that the guidelines would transform the state's tourism sector into one that is Syariah-compliant

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Earlier in November, Sinar Harian reported that Satiful Bahari Mamat said, "There will be no such negative perceptions when the guidelines come into force."

"Tourists come to Terengganu not to indulge in immoral activities just because they can do so where they're from. They're here to enjoy the natural surroundings, the local culture, and what we can offer as a state that abides by Islamic requirements," he added.

The guideline published by the Terengganu tourism board mainly looks into separating men and women for staged shows

The 11-point guideline announced in 2018 is as follows:

1. Stage performance can only involve male singers and dancers.

2. Performances by women singers and dancers are only allowed to be presented to women at a closed venue.

3. Excessive mingling between men and women on stage is prohibited.

4. Only childrens' performances will permit mingling of male and female performers on stage.

5. The performed music cannot contain lyrics that are excessive or distracting.

6. The music or entertainment performance cannot be accompanied by excessive music instruments that can influence the audience to follow to the beat of the music.

7. Music performances are only allowed after Isyak prayer and must end before 12am.

8. Daytime performances cannot exceed prayer time.

9. No stage performance is allowed between Thursday night until after Friday prayers.

10. The audience must be mindful of their behaviour and ensure clothing is neat and modest during performances.

11. Organisers must ensure male and female audience who are not related or married cannot mix with each other.

For more information, visit the Urus Setia Penerangan Darul Iman (UPDI) Facebook page.

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