Thai Hawker Wins Huge Lottery Prize After Interpreting Numbers In Her Son's Dream

In the dream, the son's deceased friend wore a shirt with the number 1970 on the chest and asked him, "Why are you still struggling? Why are you not rich yet?"

Cover image via Matichon

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A hawker in Thailand became rich overnight after winning a six-figure lottery prize

TheSmartLocal Thailand reported that a woman named Tithiya Bantaohome was announced as the first place winner for the Government Lottery Office draw on 1 April.

She runs a food stall near a school in the city of Udon Thani and took home a total of THB6,000,000 (RM791,429.62) thanks to the lottery ticket she bought at Kasikorn Bank.

Image via Matichon

The woman's lucky lottery numbers came to her through her son's dream.

In the dream, the son met with a deceased friend who asked, "Why are you still struggling? Why are you not rich yet?"

According to the Thai daily newspaper Khaosod, the son dreamt that his best friend, who died in an accident last January, wore a shirt with the number 1970 on the chest.

The deceased then asked the woman's son why he was poor and struggling before throwing a sack of fertiliser containing money inside.

Tithiya Bantaohome then deciphered the dream and bought the winning lotto ticket with the number 472270.

Image via Matichon

Choosing lottery tickets based on dreams is a common practice in Thailand

Thaiger reported that Thais can be very superstitious when it comes to the lottery.

Besides depending on dreams, some will buy lottery tickets based on auspicious dates or ages, while others choose lottery tickets after rare or miraculous events.

If a woman gives birth in a car, some people buy lottery tickets matching the licence plate number.

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