Thai Woman Who Paid RM37 For A Dandelion Tattoo Got Inked With Floating Crosses Instead

The artist was smoking and drinking beer while inking her shoulder blade.

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A Thai woman learned the hard way that it pays to be picky with where you get permanent body ink

Alisa Kingkan told Amarin TV that she was shopping at a local night market with her sister on Sunday, 7 October, when they came across a booth offering tattoo services starting from THB20 (RM2.50).

After showing a reference photo of a dandelion flower she wanted to get a tattoo of, the shop owner said that he could do it for a low price of THB300 (RM37)

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While the tattoo artist was inking her shoulder blade, the 26-year-old started feeling concerned when he started smoking and drinking beer.

In a Facebook post, Alisa wrote that she started crying as soon as she looked in the mirror to see the finished product.

Instead of a dandelion being blown in the wind, the back of Alisa's shoulder was covered in what looks like Christian crosses being tossed in the air

"I didn't get the tattoo just because it was cheap. Who would think it would turn out this way? He has his shop and everything, so I thought he could actually tattoo," she wrote.

Alisa revealed that that the shop owner's response to her frustration was to tell her to "look at it as art." 

In an effort to console her, the tattoo artist said that he could try fixing the tattoo.

Afraid that he would only make it worse, Alisa decided not to take him up on his offer.

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On the bright side, many tattoo artists have since responded to the 26-year-old's viral Facebook post with offers to help, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

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