This Facebook User Is Warning People To Beware Of 'Scheduled Payment' Scams

Always check your bank account.

Cover image via Palmerston North City Council/Hafifi Hafidz on Facebook

[UPDATE] Maybank Malaysia has confirmed with SAYS that scheduled transactions no longer display a "Successful" notice

In an email statement to SAYS on 23 May, a Maybank representative confirmed the change.

"We can confirm that we have changed the receipt from 'Successful' to 'Accepted'," the representative explained.

Example of how a scheduled transaction looks.

Image via Maybank Malaysia

Previously, a Facebook user who goes by the name of Hafifi Hafidz had warned online sellers to beware of a new way for scammers to fake online payments

A screenshot of the post.

Image via Hafifi Hafidz/Facebook

The post went up on 9 October. At the time of writing, the post had received 2,700 comments and more than 9,200 shares.

Although Hafifi did not share if this was a personal experience, the photo attached to the post indicates that the transfer was made to him.

According to Hafifi's post, the "buyer" will schedule the payment instead of using interbank GIRO or instant transfer

"The buyer says they will bank in today 9 October 2018. But when the online payment is being made, they choose 'scheduled payment' and pick the date 12 October 2018," he wrote.

"After the transaction is completed, the receipt is 'screenshot' and the buyer will send that receipt to the seller as proof of payment."

Hafifi claims the problem lies in the fact that the receipt is the same as a 'normal transfer' receipt

The 'receipt' attached to the post.

Image via Hafifi Hafidz/Facebook

Hafifi added that the receipt has "no flaws" and does not indicate that the transaction is a scheduled payment.

"The most unsettling thing is the receipt has 'Successful' on it," he said.

In most cases, when the seller receives the authentic-looking receipt, they will then post out the item without checking their account balance.

"Once the buyer receives the tracking number, they will cancel that scheduled payment."

Hafifi said that not only can scheduled payments be cancelled at any time, but even if "the balance in our account is RM2, we can still make scheduled payments".

"So scammers can freely place any amount they want."

He added, "Even without the need to cancel the transaction, when the scheduled day arrives, if the system checks that the account balance is not enough, then the transaction will automatically cancel."

Lastly, Hafifi warned all online sellers to always check their bank accounts.

When contacted by SAYS, Maybank echoed the same sentiments

A screenshot of the conversation.

Image via SAYS

"Generally, we would advise the account holder to check their account to confirm the payment prior to proceed with any deal/online trade with the sender," they wrote.

Maybank also said the issue has been highlighted with the "respective team for an immediate action on updating the receipt content".

"This is to avoid any unnecessary confusion in the future and for our customers' convenience."

SAYS also questioned if it's true that scheduled payments can be cancelled before the date of transfer and be made even if the account does not have sufficient funds, but have yet to receive a reply. 

Read Hafifi's post in full here:

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