Thai Woman Who Donated RM250K After Winning Lottery In 2017 Won Top Prize Again In 2018

Good karma is real.

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The phrase "lightning doesn't strike twice" clearly doesn't apply to 53-year-old Suwana from Ang Thong, Thailand.

After winning the top lottery prize in 2017, she was lucky enough to hit the jackpot again the following year.

With RM3,864,893 (THB30,000,000) in the bag from her first lottery win, an unplanned purchase led her to a RM1,545,957 (THB12,000,000) prize in 2018, Shin Min Daily News reported.

According to Suwana, she only bought her winning lottery ticket after feeling pity towards a lottery ticket seller

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She decided to help the man by buying his remaining seven lottery tickets, one of which turned out to be the top prize.

The woman may have good karma to thank for her luck.

Out of the RM3 million Suwana won through the lottery in 2017, she had donated RM257,708 (TBH2,000,000) to build a temple.

According to Mothership, she had been donating much of her winnings throughout the years.

Suwana revealed that she will continue to do so in the future through Dana, a Buddhist practice of giving to those in need.

You're an inspiration, Suwana! We hope to be as giving (and lucky) as you.

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