Thailand Reports Second Bomb Blast On Hat Yai To Perlis Train Route In 4 Days

Just a few days after a bomb blast around the Klong Ngek Railway Station, another explosion occurred near the Khlong Ngae station yesterday, 6 December.

Cover image via Bernama & Toronto Star

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A freight train traveling from Hat Yai, Thailand to Padang Besar, Perlis, was disrupted by a bomb blast last Saturday, 3 December

The explosion, which happened around 2pm, caused the train carriage to derail and disabled train services from the sector to Padang Besar, Info Kemalangan Dan Bencana Malaysia reported.

No injuries or casualties were reported, but 11 cargo trains were derailed while rail tracks were damaged.

According to The Star, Thailand police believe the blast was carried out by rebels in an attempt to disrupt tourism and damage economic growth.

Following the first blast, another explosion occurred again near the Khlong Ngae station yesterday, 6 December

The explosion happened 400m from the first site, which left three State Railway of Thailand (SRT) workers dead and four others injured, Bernama reported.

Seven rail workers were repairing tracks near Khlong Ngae station, not far from the Malaysian border, when the bomb exploded around 6.30am.

The bomb disposal team checked the location to ensure the safety of the general public, as stated by Songkhla police chief Wara Vechapinan.

He also noted that the weather was one of many factors that could have contributed to faulty bomb-detecting equipment.

"However, the authorities will launch an investigation," Vechapinan said at a press conference yesterday.

The train at the Klok Ngek railway station that was bombed last Saturday, 3 December.

Image via Info Kemalangan & Bencana Malaysia (Facebook)

To increase security at the scene, the SRT is seeking cooperation from the enforcement authorities

SRT governor Nirut Maneepan said in a statement that it was crucial to check the workers' safety when they arived to repair the railway tracks damaged by the first explosion on Saturday.

'We need to ensure everyone's safety including that of workers, officials, as well as the public using the train services," he said.

The Hat Yai-Padang Besar railway line will be closed temporarily, as the repairs will be carried out for several days.

Image via Toronto Star

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