This Indian Guy Wants To Spray Paint "Inappropriately Dressed" Women During Thaipusam

The Thaipusam Spraying Group's founder claims that this is to protect Hindu rituals and culture.

Cover image via Facebook/Thaipusam Spraying Group

A 'Thaipusam Spraying Group' has warned that they would spray women who are spotted "inappropriately dressed" at Thaipusam this year with aerosol paint

Created by a Facebook user named Henry Barnabas, the description of the Thaipusam Spraying Group reads, "Advance Warning to Hindu Female Patrons coming to Thaipusam festival, beware of being sprayed with Arosal paint if found inappropriate dressed..".

The group has also posted a photo that shows different types of saree blouse designs that are examples of "inappropriate" clothing.

The group has 143 members to date.

Thaipusam falls on Thursday, 9 February this year.

Barnabas claims that the 'Thaipusam Spraying Group' was created to increase awareness on Hinduism and to ensure that its culture and rituals are "protected"

"... please do share all your knowledge regarding the meaning of Thaipusam and why we want our rituals and culture to be protected until we have to go to this extend of spraying paint to bring awareness about out Hinduism respect through the Facebook "Thaipusam Painting Group," read a status on his personal account.

He has also accused young people of not knowing the ancient history of Hinduism and that they have appropriated Thaipusam to being "glamorous".

"Most youngsters these days doesn't know our ancient history, thaipusam for them is being glamour, dancing with urumi melam (traditional Indian drums) and etc... let's bring some awareness among them with our younger and upcoming generation," posted Barnabas.

Reacting to a criticism on the matter by another Facebook user, Barnabas said that women behave like call girls but will blame men when they get into trouble

Another Facebook group, "Karutthu Kannamma" has rubbished Barnabas' idea of wanting to spray paint women as "Talibanising Hinduism".

In response to that, Barnabas said, "Who to blame? Boys trying to protect girls but girls behaving like call girls and at the end of the day when they are in trouble, they will blame the guys".

While there are a few that support Barbanas' act of vigilantism, most have come forward reminding him that spraying paint on people is unlawful and will be considered as an assault

Do you think it's right to spray paint women that are "inappropriately dressed"? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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