Guy Beats Up His Female Classmate Because She Made Him Look Stupid In Class

What a sore loser.

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A male Chinese postgraduate student attacked his female classmate for apparently challenging his opinions and making him look stupid in class.

The Shanghai University Of Sport

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According to Shanghaiist, the male student was defeated in a debate with a female classmate at the Shanghai University of Sport in Yangpui District.

But instead of taking the defeat like a man, he took it personally because he looked silly and stupid in front of the class.

After class, the disgruntled male student decided to get even. Rather than waste time with verbal arguments and logic, he opened with a strong smack to the back of the head.

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From a video clip that has since gone viral on Weibo, the young woman was smacked so hard in the head that she fell on the floor. She was then kicked multiple times as she tried to get off the ground.

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She eventually got up to her feet, but was quickly knocked down again.

Since the video has gone viral in China, many have asked the male student to be expelled. However, the university responded with a rather unsatisfactory statement.

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The university said the woman was taken to the hospital with no reported injuries. The male student visited and apologised in person, but his fate is now in the hands of the university which will handle the case according to school regulations following an investigation.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

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