There Is A Fake Zouk In China

China, doing what they do best.

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Everything can be fake in China, even a night club. That's right. There's a fake Zouk in China.

Singapore's Zouk and its sister branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have been recognised as some of the best clubs in the world but it must have so highly regarded that the Chinese decided to have a counterfeit club in their country.

Mashable revealed that there's a 'Zouk Changsha' located in Changsha, the capital city of China's Hunan province.

The Chinese made every effort to make the imitation pass off as real branch like using the Zouk logo in its promotional posters and even proudly reminding people that Zouk has been ranked as one of the top global clubs by DJ Mag.

Apparently, it's so convincing that DJs don't even know it's a fake!

It was reported that a bunch of international DJs who were invited and played in 'Zouk Changsha' actually had no clue that they were spinning in a fake Zouk club.

Quite a number of performers have fallen for this scam including the likes of electronic dance music (EDM) duo JIN DJs (Shanghai), Mandas and Foster of NoiseMakers (Brazil and Ghana respectively), DJ Duo-Cox (Ukraine), DJ Eastrack (South Korea) and Jangil Han a.k.a. Reverse Prime (South Korea), to name a few.

Mandas and Foster of NoiseMakers performing at 'Zouk Changsha' on 16 May 2016.

Image via NoiseMakers

멋진 추억을 만들어준 클럽 주크 패밀리 감사합니다󾌧
Thank you so much Club Zouk, Changsha China󾍓󾍛

Great Venue󾠆
Great Music󾠀
Great People󾆶

See you again 󾍔
真的很感谢 愉快的回忆。󾍌󾍌

Posted by Jangil Han on Monday, August 29, 2016

여긴#changsha 맨날 비오냥...추억에 잠김 #korea #china #clubArena #clubzouk #Dj #eastrack

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But as we all know, nothing good will ever come out from cheating others. 'Zouk Changsha' was raided a few months ago.

Obviously, Zouk Singapore was not going to sit around and do nothing about it since it owns the Zouk trademark in China.

According to Mashable, Zouk Singapore took the matter to the authorities in Changsha by filing an official complaint, which led to the raiding of the premises in July 2016.

Well, the next thing you know, the club has been rebranded as 'ZOOK Changsha'

According to a promotional poster that was tweeted by DJ Vivid in October, 'Zouk Changsha' has apparently undergone some rebranding exercise as a new name and logo was spotted.

What will be the next thing in the "fake China things" list? We can only wonder.

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