What We Know About The Gang Rape And Robbery Case At A Gambling Den In Puchong

The crime took place on Thursday night around 9:54pm.

Cover image via Raymond Tan via Facebook

Second suspect in the gang rape and robbery case dies while trying to escape from police

Image via Berita Daily

A suspect in the gang-rape and robbery case that took place at a gambling den in Puchong on 11 May has died after he fell off the 12th floor of the Seri Semarak People's Housing Project in Kuala Lumpur, last night, 18 May, reported The Malay Mail Online.

The suspect, aged 22-year-old, was one of the two men police were on the lookout. The other suspect, aged 26-year-old, was arrested on Sunday in Kuala Selangor.

Speaking about the death of the suspect, Serdang District Police chief ACP Megat Mohd Aminuddin Megat Alias told The Malay Mail Online that it happened at 10.10pm while the suspect was trying to escape from police during a raid at his house.

“Police broke down the door after the suspect refused to open it. He tried to escape to the unit below by clinging to the grille in the kitchen. After being persuaded, he refused to surrender before plunging down,” he was quoted as saying by The Malay Mail.

Previously, a 33-year-old Indonesian woman had lodged a FIR

On Tuesday, a 33-year-old Indonesian woman, whose rape by two men at an illegal gambling den in Bandar Kinrara was caught on CCTV, had come forward and lodged a report at the district police headquarters.

According to The Star, which quoted Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Megat Mohamad Aminuddin Megat Alias, the woman was with her Bangladeshi colleague at the premises during the incident.

"The two suspects walked in on the pretext of being customers when the place was empty. Then they brandished their knives and robbed the Bangladeshi," he said.

The suspects, he added, then took turns to rape the woman.

'They also stole the identification and travel documents of both the victims before fleeing. The woman was afraid to come forward as she did not have any documents on her and took shelter at a friend’s house down south," The Star Online quoted him as saying.

On 13 May, a CCTV footage that shows a woman being gang-raped by two men at a gambling den in Bandar Kinrara went viral

At the time of writing this story, the footage — that was uploaded on Facebook along with photos of both the men — has over 2,718,000 views.

The guy, who uploaded the video and photos, claimed he got them via WeChat.

What we know so far

Screenshot of the CCTV footage.

Image via Raymond Tan via Facebook

The crime, according to the time stamp on the CCTV footage, took place on the night of Thursday, around 9:54pm, 11 May

The Facebook upload was removed by the social media site on 14 May, Sunday, at around 1 pm, before it went viral across the platform, garnering over 29K Shares.

The CCTV footage, currently being investigated by police, shows two unidentified men entering an illegal e-gaming centre in Bandar Kinrara. Media reports say their intention was to rob the place.

However, after they had robbed the gaming centre, they also took turns to rape a woman, who is reported to be the cashier, in a hidden corner of the outlet.

The gang rape was captured on the CCTV footage, which was leaked on WhatsApp and WeChat along with the photos of the two unidentified men.

There has been no report of the incident at the police station so far

But a taskforce has been set up to positively identify the victims, suspects and the crime scene, said Serdang OCPD Assistant Commissioner Megat Mohammad Aminudin Megat Alias, following pictures surfaced on social media of the alleged suspects being handcuffed and led into a black vehicle, reported The Star Online.

Meanwhile, Selangor police could not confirm if such arrests were made.

The victim has yet to lodge a report of the crime

Because police had yet to receive a report about it, the Serdang police chief Assistant Commissioner says it was too early to establish if it was really a robbery and rape.

While police say they are probing the four-minute recording to obtain leads, they have also appealed to the victim to come forward

The two suspects according to the CCTV footage that uploaded on Facebook.

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