This Guy Was Almost "Swallowed" By An Escalator At The Gardens Mall

A lot of people said that this is not the first time such an incident has happened at the mall.

Cover image via Amsyar Dinie/Calum Halcrow

A shopper at The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur was absolutely terrified when one of the escalators suddenly malfunctioned on 7 December

Image via Amsyar Dinie

Talking about the incident on social media, Facebook user Amsyar Dinie said that the mishap happened "just in front of him" and that he had to jump across from the escalator to reach the landing platform.

He explained that he was about to step out from the escalator when the escalator steps appeared to be "stuck with a very loud bang". It was then when Amsyar leapt across, out of the escalator. He was going up from the second floor to the third floor of the mall.

According to Amsyar, there were about five people using the same escalator at that time.

"Luckily I jumped in time, otherwise I would have gotten swallowed in vain," he said.

Image via Amsyar Dinie

Amsyar has claimed that the mall authorities failed to respond to the situation immediately

Image via Amsyar Dinie

"The best part (is) after 25 minutes, no mall officials except for a customer service lady and a blur security guard (were) at the scene," he wrote.

The loud crash drew a crowd to gather around the escalator to have a look at what happened. Another person named Calum Halcrow who was there at the scene also took to Facebook to share about the incident.

"Steps had mangled the landing. Quite scary really. Glad nobody was hurt," he said, adding that the security was preventing photography.

Image via Calum Halcrow

People have come forward to urge the mall's management to ensure that such a thing will not happen again as they have also experienced this for themselves

Image via Facebook

There has been quite a few escalator-related accidents in Malaysia this year: