A Man Convicted Of Raping And Murdering A 6-Year-Old In Pakistan Has Been Hanged

Zainab Fatima Ameen's body was discovered in a rubbish dump on 9 January.

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Imran Ali, the man convicted of raping and murdering six-year-old Zainab Fatima Ameen in January, was executed on Wednesday, 17 October

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The 24-year-old confessed to eight attacks on children in the city of Kasur, including five murders. He was handed four separate death sentences for the rape and murder of Zainab, Channel NewsAsia reported.

"He was hanged this morning in the presence of a prison official and the father of the victim," an official at Lahore's central prison told AFP.

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"I have bit of satisfaction that justice has been delivered but I am not fully satisfied as he was not hanged in public," said Zainab's father, Ameen Ansari.

Several days after Zainab went missing, her body was discovered in a rubbish dump on 9 January.

An autopsy report suggested that she was raped before being strangled to death.

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Chilling CCTV footage broadcast on television showed the six-year-old walking hand-in-hand with an unidentified man, later discovered to be one of Zainab's neighbours, Imran Ali.

Zainab's murder sparked outrage throughout Pakistan, leading to riots by those who felt that the police had not done enough to stop violence against children

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Candlelight vigils were held across the country and the hashtag #JusticeForZainab trended on social media.

Protesters threw stones at government buildings and set cars and a local politician's office alight. According to BBC, two protestors were killed after an angry crowd tried storming into a local police headquarters, prompting police to open fire.

Image via Morning Mail

According to officials, Zainab is the 12th child found raped and murdered within a two-kilometre radius of Kasur in the last two years, Morning Mail reported.

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