The Story Of Two Girls Who Grew Up With The 'Wrong' Parents

Wong Xin Ting knew at the young age of 13 that the man and woman who raised, bathed and fed her were not her parents.

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Wong Xin Ting was 13 when she realised she wasn't her parent's daughter. She has blood type B, while the rest of her family have O.

Xin Ting realised her blood type was different from that of her family members’ during a health examination at school when she was 13. “My blood type is B while the rest of my family are O. I knew I was different, but I kept it to myself.

Her parents took her to a private lab for a blood test but would never tell her the results. They knew.

“My parents also brought me to a private lab for a blood test later but did not want to tell me the results. I think they knew it then.

Deep down, Xin Ting knew that the man and woman who raised her were not her real parents. When she was 19, her younger sister asked why she had a different blood type. Xin Ting said it was because they were not biological sisters.

Xin Ting only found out that she was not the biological daughter of her parents following a blood test.

Her 44-year-old mother Yap Sau Kuen overhead the conversation. She couldn't keep the secret anymore. She asked Xin Ting if she wanted to find her real parents.

“Two years ago, when I was reading a book on my blood type, my younger sister asked why my blood type was different. I told her I was not her biological sister,” she said. Her mother Yap Sau Kuen, 44, overheard the conversation and asked if she wanted to seek out her real parents.

Xin Ting never wanted to leave the family who raised her. She just needed to know who her real parents were and it they were living well.

Not for anything will she leave the couple who raised her – even the prospect of being with her real mother and father. “I have never thought of leaving my family. I just wanted to know who my real parents were and if they were living well,” she said.

After getting help from Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, they found Fu Khai Sin's family. Khai Sin was only 40km away.

The family then sought help from Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, who ran numerous checks with the National Registration Department. They eventually traced Khai Sin’s family.

Xin Ting and Khai Sin were born just six minutes apart at the same maternity home in 1993. They were accidentally switched at birth.

Wong Xin Ting and Fu Khai Sin were born at the same maternity home just six minutes apart in 1993, and were inadvertently switched.

They grew up with the wrong biological parents, but they were never far apart

They have since grown up some 40km away from each other in Tampin town and Pengkalan Balak here.

When the two families met each other in December 2012, it was a bittersweet reunion

Khai Sin (far left) and Xin Ting (far right) posing next to their biological mothers Yap (in red) and Bong at their 21st birthday party.

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A meeting between the two families was arranged in December 2012. Yap has no regrets over the search. “I am really glad that I have another daughter now. Their happiness is all I ask for,” she said.

It all came as a shock for Khai Sin who found the entire situation hard to accept

Khai Sin said she felt “strange” when her parents decided to tell her the truth after she had finished her LCCI examinations. “It was so sudden, and I found it hard to accept initially. I remember crying a lot,” she said.

It was also difficult for her mother Bong Choon Moi, 51, to learn that the daughter she raised was not hers. She did not want to lose Khai Sin, but Khai Sin had the right to know.

As for Bong Choon Moi, 51, realising her daughter was not hers was not easy. “It was so hard to accept. I did not want to lose my daughter. “On the other hand, I also wanted to know if my biological daughter was well taken care of. So I reckoned that I had to reveal the truth to Khai Sin as she had the right to know.”

When she saw a picture of Xin Ting, she knew immediately that Xin Ting was her biological daughter. She was happy that Xin Ting was loved and well taken care of like Khai Sin.

Bong said when she first saw Xin Ting’s picture, she knew the young woman was her daughter as they shared similar features. “I feel relieved that she has been loved and well taken care of, just like Khai Sin.”

This story ends with a happy ending. The girls now regard each other as special friends and even celebrated their 21st birthday together.

Two girls were accidentally switched at birth – but it has turned out to be a happy story. They have found one another and they each have a pair of mothers and fathers now.

Both families have been meeting each other, and the girls now regard each other as special friends. They celebrated their 21st birthday recently at Khai Sin’s home in Tampin.

The four parents are happy over the unexpected extension of their families

Bong’s husband, Fu Yew Hatt, 51, and Yap’s husband Wong Nyong Chin, also 51, are both happy over the unexpected extension of their families.

"Let's just be happy for a bigger and merrier family now"

“Let’s just be happy for a bigger and merrier family now,” said Fu.

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