These 4 Malaysians Are Listed As 'Asia's 2016 Heroes of Philanthropy' By Forbes

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Forbes Asia's annual Heroes of Philanthropy list is out.

In addition of recognising those with a long record of supporting worthy causes, the list honours 40 individuals from 13 countries, including 4 Malaysians as Asia Pacific region's noteworthy givers.

Among the 4 Malaysians listed in 'Asia's 2016 Heroes of Philanthropy', two of them are women, Sandra Lee and Anne Eu

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The two men are Lee Oi Hian, Chairman of Kuala Lumpur Kepong

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And Leong Hoy Kum who is Group MD of Mah Sing Group

Anne Eu, who heads Asia's largest Chinese medicine company Eu Yan Sang, after her husband died nine years ago, has set up various foundations and spearheads campaigns to help the less fortunate

Two years ago when Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing and she discovered that only passengers’ families would be compensated but not the crew’s, she started the Flagbearer Education Foundation and pledged $120,000 to support their children’s education.

That year she also spent months organizing the Richard Clayderman charity event to raise $300,000 for cancer research and education through the Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation, named after her late husband.

Early this year she led a team of volunteers through the muddy, leech-infested rainforests of Sabah to donate water filters and rice cookers as part of the Roti 1Malaysia campaign.

“Philanthropy is a mindset,” she says. “It is not just about donating money. It is also about sharing ability and knowledge, raising awareness and pooling resources to better a particular condition for humanity. By involving the young, we are grooming their minds to be empathetic, caring and giving to become better future leaders.”
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Meanwhile, Lee Oi Hian and Sandra Lee, both husband and wife, pursue separate causes. With his Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Foundation, named after his father, Lee Oi Hian awards scholarships to 50-60 students a year. On the other hand, Sandra's training center, Daybreak, rehabilitates physically and mentally challenged people.

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Leong Hoy Kum, through his Mah Sing Foundation, has disbursed more than USD2.5 million (RM10M) to educational initiatives from funding students to refurbishing classrooms, among other things

You can check out the full list on Forbes, here!

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