These Two Snatch Thieves Shouldn't Have Picked This Woman As Their Victim

It all started when one of the men grabbed her laptop bag.

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Two snatch thieves picked the wrong woman to mess with when she gave chase and rammed into their motorcycle with her car this morning at 3.30am

Evolve Mall in Ara Damansara

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The woman had stopped at a traffic light junction at Ara Damansara near Evolve Mall when she was approached by two assailants on a motorcycle.

One of the men then smashed the front passenger window and grabbed the woman’s laptop bag placed on the seat before the pair rode off.

The driver was determined not to let her perpetrators get away and decided to go after them

The victim's Volkswagen Beetle damaged after knocking down the assailants

Image via Putera Karya
Image via Putera Karya

According to Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Mohd Zani Che Din, one of the suspects tried to escape to a nearby construction site but was apprehended with the help of a security guard after the woman repeatedly shouted "robbers".

Police investigations revealed the duo, both aged 26, have previous convictions

The suspects sustained injuries after being knocked down by the woman

Image via Putera Karya

"The suspects, both aged 26 have three previous records and have been sent to the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) for further treatment while the woman escaped unhurt," Mohd Zani said as quoted by The Sun Daily.

In other related news, a man took down four parang-wielding robbers:

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