5 Things You Should Know About The Seremban Student Who Was Forced To Drink Poison

He died on Tuesday night at the hospital.

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Police say the 'poisoned' Seremban student actually committed suicide

Based on initial investigations into the death of a 15-year-old boy who was allegedly forced to drink poison, police now say that he had, in fact, committed suicide.

According to Nilai police chief Supt Zaludin Zaldino, they reached this conclusion after reviewing the medical report and interviewing witnesses including his best friend.

"The deceased was in love with a schoolmate but she turned him down. He threatened her that he will take his life if she did not return his love,' Supt Zaldino was quoted as saying by The Star Online, adding that the best friend was with him when Pravin brought a bottle of mineral water containing a bluish liquid on 26 April.

"The boy apparently told his best friend that he wanted to end his life when they met. The friend tried to stop him but he refused and walked into a rubber estate where we believe he drank the liquid," Supt Zaldino told The Star Online

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15-year-old student S. Pravin of Desa Jasmin died at the Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital in Seremban on Tuesday, 3 May

According to reports, Pravin was forced to drink poison by school bullies.

He was admitted to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban last Thursday, 27 April, by his mother after he complained of abdominal pains and started vomiting at home.

He was initially taken to a clinic in Nilai, where the family stays, FMT reported.

What happened to Pravin? Here are 5 things to know

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1. Pravin was attacked by glue-sniffing schoolboys and forced to drink poison on Wednesday, 26 April

According to the father, Selvarajah Mennanchatty, who is a rubber tapper, Pravin had come home drenched in water, reported The Star Online.

When he asked his son what happened, Pravin said that a group of boys had pinned him down outside his school and forced him to swallow some liquid.

"Then they threw him into a stream," his father told The Star Online at Pravin's wake.

2. He had scolded the schoolboys for sniffing glue

According to Nilai OCPD Supt Zaludin Zaldino, Pravin had given the police statement about the incident, adding that the schoolboys forced him to drink the liquid because they were angry with him after he had scolded them for sniffing glue.

Pravin's throat was swollen from the poison he was forced-fed, as such he was unable to speak, so he wrote on a piece of paper telling his story of how he was assaulted by boys wearing school uniforms with red ties.

3. His father, however, didn't believe his story

The father, Selvarajah Mennanchatty, didn't believe his son's story that he was attacked by glue-sniffing schoolboys and forced to drink poison.

According to The Star Online, the father said he had doubts about his son's story as he could smell glue off his body, adding that his son had once indulged in glue-sniffing.

"I actually stopped my son from going to school in late March as he used to mix with boys who smoked as well as sniffed glue," he was quoted as saying by The Star Online.

4. Now the distraught father hopes the authorities will do more to curb disciplinary problems in the school

He has called on his son’s school to be stricter in enforcing its rules.

"I hope that the school will be more strict in enforcing the rules and that the police will investigate thoroughly the circumstances leading to my son’s death. He was a good and obedient son. He was diligent in his studies but there are many negative elements surrounding his school with students playing truant and sniffing glue," said Selvarajah.

5. Police have managed to get some leads on the attack

According to The Star Online's report, Nilai OCPD Supt Zaludin Zaldino said police have managed to get a few leads on the attack.

He said police have classified the case as sudden death as well as "causing hurt by means of poisoning" under Section 328 of the Penal Code.

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