This 110-Year-Old Grandma Has Been Recognised As The Oldest Living Woman In Malaysia

It is learnt that residents living around her village in Batu Gajah, Perak still seek her advice on midwifery, homegrown herbs, and secrets to leading a long and healthy life.

Cover image via Bernama

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Meet Annamah Abukutty, the oldest living woman in Malaysia

In conjunction with her 110th birthday yesterday, 31 March, Annamah was awarded a certificate of recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records (MBOR) for being Malaysia's Oldest Living Woman - a title she has held since last year.

She received the recognition from MBOR's chief executive officer Christopher Wong on Wednesday, reported New Straits Time.

"I have been informed that she is also currently the oldest Malaysian alive," Wong told Bernama during her birthday celebration.

Born in Thachambadi, India, she migrated to Malaya during her teenage years, just before World War II broke out

According to her son M Subramaniam, she brought along her knowledge in Indian traditional herbs when she moved to Malaya in the 1930s and worked as a midwife in her younger years.

Annamah is mother to five children, two of whom are still alive. She has 17 grandchildren as well as seven great-grandchildren.

Despite being wheelchair-bound and losing her eyesight in her left eye, Subramaniam mentioned that his mother still has good memory and is able to recognise some of the women she helped during her days as a midwife.

Her son also disclosed some of his mother's secrets to a long and healthy life, which includes consuming homegrown herbs and fasting once a week

"Mom would fast once a week, usually on Mondays," News Straits Times quoted him as saying.

She kept an active lifestyle when she was younger by tending to her chickens and homegrown herbs after returning from work at the estate, he mentioned.

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