This Ang Moh Chef Tried To Make “Atas” Chicken Rice… And Asians Absolutely Hated It

No one messes with the sanctity of the Hainanese chicken rice. NO ONE.

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Aspiring chefs and fellow foodies, if you're planning to release homemade recipes on Asian dishes, here's a tip - don't try to be smart about it

Chef Matty Matheson.

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Case in point - Canadian chef Matty Matheson thought it would be a good idea to publish a modified recipe of Hainanese chicken rice, a dish that's much loved by Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

The recipe was posted on Vice's food channel, Munchies.

In a bid to 'finesse' the dish, Matheson added ingredients that are not typically found in the Hainanese dish, namely butter and anise hyssop (yeah, we don’t know what that is either)

Matheson's version of a Hainanese chicken rice.

Image via Vice

In addition to that, he also used Szechuan buttons, sesame seeds, and edible flowers. You can check out the full recipe here.

Understandably, Matheson's recipe didn't sit well with Singaporeans and Malaysians alike

Image via Vice
Image via Vice
Image via Vice

Seriously Chef Matheson, what were you thinking?!

Let this be a lesson to all - don't meddle with Hainanese chicken rice!

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Pretty sure this uncle's chicken rice wouldn't get a Michelin star if there were edible flowers in it...

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