This Durian Seller Is Offering RM1.2Mil To Any Man Who Can Win Over His Daughter's Heart

No, it's not a joke.

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Frustrated that his daughter is still single, 58-year-old Anont Rotthong took to Facebook on 2 March in search of a husband for her

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In a Facebook post, as translated by Bangkok Post, the durian seller from South Thailand wrote that he is offering THB10 million (RM1.2 mil) to any man who can win over his daughter's heart.

Anont worries that if he waits too long to find a husband then his 26-year-old daughter may become to old for marriage.

Aside from cold, hard cash and his daughter's hand in marriage, the father said that he will also give 10 vehicles, a house, and two durian markets to her husband-to-be

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His daughter Karnsita, "graduated with honors from Assumption University, has a masters degree from Sun Yat-sen University in China, and speaks English and Chinese fluently."

She currently helps run the family business, which has been around for the past two decades.

However, before you start sending over your profile, there is a catch.

The father listed out some of his requirements to become an applicant:

1. "He must be good and must not be a gambler,"

2. "Hard working and not lazy,"

3. "Thrifty about money, and

4. "Must be willing to learn about the durian trade."
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He added: "I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don't want a person with a bachelor's, or master's or philosopher's degree. I want a diligent man. I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That's all."

His daughter was completely cool about the whole situation initially

"At first, I thought my dad was joking but it turns out he's seriously looking for a son-in-law. My siblings and I respect his decision," she said, according to the report.

However, now that the story has gone viral, she said that "ultimately it's up to me [her] to choose the man", as quoted by South China Morning Post.

"He doesn't have to be in the durian business like my father wants, but he must be a good man," she added.

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Since the post went up, Anont's phone line has been ringing nonstop as thousands of bachelors have been calling in

"Stop calling me, I haven't had time to rest," wrote Anont in his latest Facebook post on 5 March, adding that "over 10,000 men have applied to become [his] son-in-law", as translated by Asiaone.

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As a result, Anont has laid out a challenge to the candidates:

"Let's all meet on April 1. Pack all your clothes and necessities, and be prepared to stay and work in my durian plantation for three months."

"If there is more than one of you left (after the three months), we will extend (the stint) for another three months... until there is only one man left," he wrote yesterday.

May the best man win.

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