Photos Show A Filipino Dad Using Coins He Saved Up To Buy His Son A Smartphone

The phone model costs about RM549.

Cover image via Instagram/Mccoy De Leon

An Instagram post showing a father stacking up coins to buy his son a smartphone has gone viral

On 23 July, Filipino actor Mccoy De Leon took to Instagram to share two photos with his fans.

"I hope I get to meet this man because he is a lovely father. This is what we’re supposed to do in order to make our loved ones happy," the Instagram caption read, as translated by

In the first photo, the man is seen counting and stacking up a whole lot of coins on a glass panel at a retail mobile shop

While the second photo shows a retailer taking a picture together with the man and his son holding a brand new phone in his hands

Based on the second picture, the man bought what seemed to be a Vivo Y91 smartphone which costs about RM549 on Lazada.

The phone model is a relatively new one as it was only released on 5 January this year and has been reviewed as a mid-range model.

It appears the loving father had been saving up for a while to gift his son a new phone.

Netizens felt touched by the father's love towards his son

Most of them commented with heart or crying emojis while some shared that they were moved to tears.

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