This Girl's Bedroom Was Burnt Down By A Charging iPhone


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A teenage girl was forced to flee for her life after her iPhone caught fire and burned down her bedroom to a crisp

The iPhone burnt down the teenager's bedroom.

Image via Metro

According to the Dailymail, 15-year-old Caitlin Rae Durant from Wales was charging her phone on the covers of her bed, causing it to overheat and explode. She was using a genuine Apple charger.

She managed to flee the blaze and fortunately escaped – but all of her belongings have been destroyed, and her family has had to leave the house for six months

This is what the 15-year-old's bedroom looked like before the fire.

Image via Metro

Firefighters were alerted to the chaotic scene where they were forced to pump so much water into the house the downstairs rooms have been flooded.

They also warned about the dangers of overnight charging.

"Turn chargers off and unplug them before you go to bed. Never leave items on charge or unattended for long periods," said Stuart Millington, senior fire safety manager at North Wales Police

Durant's mum Gemma said they had to rent a home for six months due to the incident

The charred iPhone.

Image via Metro

"Everything upstairs, my other daughter's room and the office has also been destroyed due to heat, smoke and water damage, nothing can be saved.

Downstairs has been flooded due to the volume of water that had to be pumped in to extinguish the fire, everything has suffered smoke damage," she said.

Since the incident, fire safety officers have advised the public to purchase chargers from a reputable source and always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidance

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