This Man Claims His iPhone 7 Exploded And Set Fire To His Car

Oh no, Apple.

Cover image via GSM Arena

Welcome to the world today, where every smartphone has a chance of exploding.

In an incident similar to what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, an iPhone 7 user is claiming that his device caught fire and destroyed his car

A surf instructor has claimed his new iPhone 7 exploded into flames inside his car.

Image via BGR

Mat Jones, from Australia, left his one-week-old phone underneath a pile of clothes in his car while he was taking a surf lesson. When he returned, his car was filled with smoke and a pair of trousers he left inside the vehicle were ablaze.

As he opened the car door, he was shocked to find out the interior of his car was badly damaged

The destroyed car interior.

Image via GSM Arena

“As I look into my car, I couldn't see what's inside. All the windows were just black. Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once I unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it," Jones told Australian news station Channel 7.

Jones says he bought the new iPhone 7 just one week ago, and that he has not dropped it or used any third-party chargers to charge the device

Mat Jones.

Image via Dailymail

Apple is aware of the incident and will investigate the events that led to the phone’s ignition. The investigation would also determine whether or not the incident was caused by a defective iPhone.

This is not the first time an iPhone 7 has exploded:

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