This iPhone 7 Apparently Exploded While In Transit To Its New Owner

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

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As Samsung battles with the recall of its Galaxy Note 7 due to battery problems that caused handsets to combust, pictures have surfaced online suggesting that the iPhone 7 Plus could explode too.

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The Reddit user, known as kroopthesnoop, from Texas, posted the series of pictures, saying 'Something happened between the factory and delivery'. It shows a destroyed box and a blackened iPhone 7 Plus that appears to have exploded in transit.

He added that the photos were sent by his co-worker who ordered phone online

Image via kroopthesnoop

kroopthesnoop said that an Apple executive has since reached out to his colleague for more information regarding the burnt to a crisp iPhone. The exec and American telco AT&T will work together to get the co-worker a new phone.

Details are scarce for the time being. “Something happened between the factory and delivery” is all the phone’s owner had to say in his thread on Reddit.

Image via kroopthesnoop

Apple hasn’t commented publicly about the incident, neither has UPS (United Postal Service) that delivered the package.

While this would be the first time an iPhone 7 Plus has exploded (if that's in fact what happened), this would not be the first exploding iPhone

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In August, an Australian man suffered third-degree burns after his iPhone 6 exploded while cycling.

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Too bad the person didn't get to enjoy the phone because the iPhone 7 Plus is capable of taking some awesome images!