This Guy Lost His Cool And Brutally Slammed A 7-Year-Old To Floor After He 'Kicked' Him

He assaulted the kid in full view of fellow passengers on the bus.

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WARNING: Disturbing video, viewers discretion is advised.

Last week, in an incident that occurred inside a public bus in the Sichuan city of Suining and was captured by security cameras, a man is seen grabbing a kid by his neck, spinning him around and slamming him to the floor before stomping on his head three times

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What prompted the man to do so?

According to the security footage, the kid, who was travelling alone in the bus, appeared to be in somewhat a playful mood while the man was trying to talk to him.

The video shows the kid reacting to something the man said by 'kicking' him multiple times on his hand, at which point the man suddenly loses his cool.

The man then picks up the kid, furious in his sudden rage, and brutally slams him on the floor of the bus. He then continues to stomp on the kid's head, hitting him with his foot three times before a fellow passenger quickly intervenes.

You can watch the footage here:

Police in Suining City, China, has released a statement confirming the incident. Meanwhile, the kid, who was travelling home by himself after school, reportedly didn't suffer any serious injuries.

According to reports, the seven-year-old boy suffered a significant swelling on the left side of his face while scans of his skull, jaw and neck showed no fractures.

The boy's father, meanwhile, said that his son is often "naughty". He also said the reason his son was taking the bus by himself is that both he and his wife worked.

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The man, who is said to be 21, has been detained for 15 days

While he has apologised to the boy and his family, in giving an explanation behind what happened, he claims he was dealing with a great deal of work-related stress.

What do you think about the man's actions?

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