A 74-Year-Old Man Was Pushed Off Stage By A Pakatan Supporter During An MCA Talk

He was seen moving Pakatan Harapan's flags off the stage before he was assaulted.

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On 30 April, a 74-year-old man, who is an MCA member, was seen being pushed off a stage in Dataran Yong Peng, Johor

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New Straits Times (NST) reported that the incident happened while MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong was delivering his speech on the same stage.

According to China Press, the elderly man was seen moving a few Opposition flags away from the stage before the commotion.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Pakatan Harapan supporters first saw the elderly man moving a few opposition party flags away from the stage

China Press reported that the supporters began shouting at the elderly man before one man ran up to the stage to confront him. 

After the elderly man was pushed off the stage by the man, Wee interrupted his own speech and addressed the incident.

"Fighting? This is their gangster culture," he was heard saying in a video.

2. The elderly man was rushed to Klinik Kesihatan Yong Peng following the incident

According to China Press, he felt dizzy and had a rise in blood pressure after being pushed off the stage. 

The Star also reported that the man had his ribs fractured from the incident.

"An X-ray showed a frature on his ribs," said Wee, who was with the man and his family.

Image via China Press

3. According to The Star, Wee said that the attacker has been arrested by the police

"I was made to understand that the incident occurred because of party flags, but is it necessary for a senior citizen to have this done to him, with such violence that he is hurt?" Wee questioned. 

Previously, NST reported District police chief Assistant commissioner Abdul Wahib Musa as saying that the police summoned the attacker to have his statement recorded.

Meanwhile, Johor DAP chairman Liew Chin Tong apologised to the elderly man and his family in a Facebook statement:

4. Two netizens, who claimed to be the sons of the elderly man, took to Facebook to express their thoughts on the incident

One of them, who claimed to be the eldest son of the man, claimed that his father was at fault. 

"My father deserved to be beaten," the netizen wrote, before adding that he and his siblings will be voting for the Opposition regardless of what happened. 

Image via China Press

Another netizen expressed disappointment at the attacker for assaulting his father, and criticised the rude comments over his father's actions.

"Although our political ideologies are different, I will never try to stop my father from doing what he thinks is right," the netizen wrote, before begging for the public's forgiveness of his father over the incident.

Image via China Press

Regardless of differences in political ideologies, it is never acceptable to harm others!

Here's a banner reminding Malaysians that the goodwill and respect among each other must be maintained:

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