You Should Keep A Copy Of Your Polling Info After Checking The SPR Website

As the popular Malay proverb goes, "Sediakan payung sebelum hujan."

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9 May is just one week away, which means that you should check your polling information now if you have yet to do so

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It is extremely crucial for registered voters to check their information through a variety of channels provided by the Election Commission (EC), especially for those who have changed their home address.

Furthermore, polling stations for some seasoned voters might differ this GE14, following the redelineation exercise that was passed by the Dewan Rakyat on 28 March.

The most convenient way to check your polling information is through the SPR website, or the ‘MySPR Semak’ app, which users can easily download from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store

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Voters can also opt to check via SMS by sending "SPR SEMAK <IC NUMBER without dash>" to 15888. However, each SMS will cost you 20 sen excluding GST.

Through these channels, registered voters can find out where their polling station for GE14 is. The voters will also have access to information on other key polling information including the channel (Saluran) and voter serial number (No Siri).

It is advisable to keep a copy of your voting information by taking a screenshot, or better yet, a printed copy for practical reasons

As election day draws nearer, it is possible that the EC website or app might take a longer time to load or even face downtime due to the influx of traffic from people trying to access the information at the very last minute.

Don’t put yourself through the avoidable stress of trying to check your information when these channels are flooded with traffic.

Keeping a copy of your voting information is a practical step to giving you some peace of mind, knowing that you have the record whenever you need it.

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Having the necessary information at your fingertips on polling day also means you’re easing the process for those arriving later to vote.

In the event of discrepancies or disputes, a registered voter can also immediately attach the hard copy as a supporting document if the need to lodge an official report arises.

While this bit of advice isn't on the SPR website, it'll definitely save you from voting jitters, memory lapses, and any other unforeseen emergencies.

You could even do it for your family members.

Meanwhile, the EC has denied that a dress code would be forced on voters for polling day:

Voting for the first time? Take note of these crucial info ahead of GE14:

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