This Guy Is "Fainting" All Over Malaysia So That People Will Give Him Food And Money

He has been spotted all over Klang Valley and most recently, in Penang and Taiping, Perak.

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A young man, believed to be in his late teens, has been getting a lot of attention on social media lately... and it's not for a good reason

He seems to have earned himself a legendary status among netizens as "晕倒哥" (fainting guy) after he was spotted "fainting" in various parts of Malaysia to get food and drink as well as money from the public in recent months.

A Chinese portal noted that he was featured in the newspaper several years ago when he allegedly fainted from hunger and dehydration in Cheras

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According to the article, he was reunited with his family at the Cheras General Hospital the next day after he was found wandering alone in Cheras.

Fast forward to 2017, he seems to have adapted the "fainting" act to get money from concerned passers-by. For the past few months, he has been spotted in different parts of Klang Valley in varying states of distress.

The guy, whose name is apparently Liew Tung Hoe, is often found to have "fainted" by the side of the road, in a shopping mall, or at the petrol station in areas such as USJ Taipan, Subang, Taman Bukit Tinggi, Puchong, Kepong, and Desa Jaya since as early as December 2016.

When questioned, he is unable to remember his name or address, and does not carry any form of identification, phone, nor money. In some instances, he claimed that he is a 17-year-old from Tanjung Malim after given food and drink. He would also ask people for money to buy a train ticket home.

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Initially, many thought that he was just a teenage runaway and gave him money in hopes that he could return to his family. However, it wasn't long before netizens started to notice that the "fainting guy" has always been the same person.

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There were also allegations that the boy would spent the money given to him at cyber cafes instead of buying a train ticket home. In fact, a netizen actually caught him in a cyber cafe right after a post about him went viral.

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You can watch the video in full here.

In another occasion, he was actually brought to the police station. To the passerby's surprise, the police informed him that the boy has actually been brought to the police station twice, in which he was given money in both occasions.

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According to the passerby's Facebook post, police officers told him not to give the boy any money but to just buy him a train ticket instead. The boy also allegedly kept changing his story when they tried to gauge his situation.

"First, he said he wanted to look for a job. Then he said he wanted to go home, so he asked us for money. Then he said he was hungry," the passerby wrote, adding that they also brought him to a restaurant for a meal.

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Most recently, he appeared to be making his way up north, having popped up in Melaka, Perak, and just a few days ago, in a shopping mall in Penang

Have you or your friends ever come across this guy? Let us know how your encounter went in the comments section below.

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