This Is The Real Reason Why Johor Sultan Respectfully Declined To Be The Next Agong

It has won over the the people's heart on social media.

Cover image via Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar via Facebook

Yesterday, 14 October, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor "respectfully declined the offer" to be the next Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. According to media reports, the reason Johor Sultan turned down the offer was that he wanted to focus on his state affairs.

But the real reason why Johor Sultan rejected the offer to become the next Agong has nothing to do with him focusing on his state

Refuting the claims about preferring to focus on Johor, the monarch's official FB page issued a statement clarifying that the Sultan of Johor declined the offer "because he wants to strictly adhere to the rotation system set by the Conference of Rulers."

"Under this time-tested succession pattern, the sultan of Kelantan is next in line, followed by the sultan of Pahang," read the statement

"Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar respects and understands the rule of succession by rotation and wishes to abide by this," read the statement on Sultan Ibrahim's FB page.

Following which, the country's Conference of Rulers elected the Sultan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V, as the next Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who will serve a five-year term from 13 December

Image via ST

Meanwhile, the Johor Sultan's respect for tradition and his reason to strictly adhere to it has won over the hearts of the people:

Screenshot of a collection of comments posted by people on Sultan Johor's Facebook post.

Image via Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar via Facebook

Wondering who made the offer to the Johor Sultan?

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