How A Man Was Saved By His Nokia Phone After Getting Lost In The Mountains For 30 Days

Nokia FTW.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily / Fone Arena

A hiker who disappeared when he went hiking alone over a month ago has been found, and it's all thanks to his trusty ol' Nokia phone

Image via Sin Chew Daily

29-year-old Lee Ming-han had gone hiking at Taiwan's Central Mountain Range on 13 May when he apparently went missing and lost contact with his family, who later filed a report on 4 June.

After 30 days of radio silence, Lee managed to call the fire department for help on Thursday, 15 June to report his location and that he had injured his left leg

According to a report by Sin Chew Daily, Lee - who was carrying a Nokia 108 - had turned off his phone when he wasn't using it during the hike.

He'd turned it on again last Wednesday, 14 June and tried calling for help seven times, but none of the calls went through due to bad reception. Thankfully, he managed to get through when he called again the next day.

In the midst of heavy rain, the rescue team entered the mountain after receiving Lee's call and eventually found him on 20 June

Image via Sin Chew Daily

According to Hualien Fire Department chief Wang Ming-chun, Lee was conscious and had no life-threatening illnesses when found, but is physically weak and had suffered fractures on both legs.

The Nokia 108, first released in October 2013, can last up to 600 hours (25 days) on stand-by mode

Image via FoneArena

However, it does not have GPS capabilities and only runs on a 2G network band.

Last year, a Nokia phone actually took a bullet for its owner:

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