This Singaporean Woman Wrote A FB Post To "Appreciate" The Christchurch Terrorist

"You may have achieved your aim of intended destruction, but I guess you failed to incite hatred, fear, and despair in all of us."

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Devastating mosque attacks which killed 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday, 15 March has sparked a mix of emotions among many

The suspected white supremacist, 28-year-old Brenton Harrison Tarrant, was charged with murder on Saturday, 16 March, after the mass shooting occurred at two New Zealand mosques.

On the same day, one Singaporean woman addressed the killer in a Facebook post, which has since garnered over 50,000 shares

According to Mothership, Li Jinghan – who is a Muslim-convert – started off by "appreciating" the shooter's actions:

"Appreciate that you made the effort to find out the timing of our noon prayer.

"Appreciate that you learnt more about our religion to know that Fridays are the days the men go to the Mosques for their congregational prayers," she added.

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However, she went on to say that the terrorist had overlooked several factors

"Perhaps you didn't know that what you did made them Martyrs.

"And how you have single-handedly raised the statuses of our brothers and sisters in the eyes of their beloved Creator with your actions. And how, through your actions, they will be raised as the most righteous and pious of Muslims.

"Perhaps you didn't know that doing what you did, at the time and place you chose, it actually meant that the last words that escaped their lips were probably words of remembrance and praise of Allah. Which is a noble end many Muslims could only dream of," she wrote. 

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Li then added that the shooter had definitely not achieved his goals, and had instead brought out the best in people from other religions too

"Appreciate how you brought the Churches and communities together to stand with us Muslims.

"Appreciate that you made countless New Zealanders come out of their homes to visit the mosques nearest to them with flowers and beautiful messages of peace and love."

"You have broken many many hearts and you have made the world weep. You have left a huge void.

"But what you also have done have brought us closer together. And it has strengthened our faith and resolve," she added.

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Despite his intentions to destroy the faith, Li said that the shooter had failed in many ways

"In the coming weeks, more people will turn up in the Mosques, a place you hate so much, fortified by the strength in their faith, and inspired by their fallen brothers and sisters.

"In the coming weeks, more non-Muslims will turn up at the gates of mosques with fresh flowers and beautifully handwritten notes. They may not have known where the mosques in their area was. But now, they do. All because of you."

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Li concluded that the shooter had also failed to incite hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims

"You may have achieved your aim of intended destruction, but I guess you failed to incite hatred, fear, and despair in all of us.

"And while I understand that it may have been your objective, I hate to say that after all of that elaborate planning, and the perverse and wretched efforts on your part, you still failed to drive a divide among the the Muslims and non-Muslims in the world.

"For that, I can't say that I'm sorry."

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